Megacampo brings together a range of unique infrastructures that meets the expectation of customers with high quality standards.

In our park you can find a paintball safe zone with several areas of leisure and comfort. Among these we highlight a sun-covered area with wooden tables and benches and a barbecue area that you can use freely.

While playing in our spectacular game maps, your friends / family can wait and play a table football game, have a coffee or snack, and enjoy the action taking place around and outside the safe zone.

Megacampo has bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers with warm water, separate for men and women. We provide lockers in the changing rooms so you can store items of value. For a very small price you can request a Megacampo towel to then take with you and make others jealous at the gym.

If transport to Megacampo is an issue, we are here to help. In the Extras section of the Reservations, you can find transportation to and from the field. If you are outside of the Larger Lisbon area then contact us, and we’ll have you covered. If you will arrive by car, fear not for a parking space since we have 3 large parking areas, with capacity for 300 cars and 5 buses.

You can also find our Megacampo store with several Paintball products, where you can top-up on paintballs, or find the Megacampo t-shirt you will soon be craving.

At Megacampo Café you can find a cafeteria by Cantinho Amarelo. You can find snacks, our famous Chorizo Bread, or our award winning bean cake. If you are looking for a full-size meal for your group, we recommend you book this in advance through the Extras in our store.