Enter a late stage of the Gulf War, where the harsh desert climate, the trenches, the ruins, and the wreckage provoked by the artillery serve as a background for the combat between the Resistance and Invaders. Strategy is key, and will prove fruitful to the group that best uses the element of surprise.



Take a trip to America in the 1870’s, to experience a true Western story. With an entire city built from scratch, with a Sheriff's house, prison, mine, a railroad, church, graveyard, and more, your possibilities here are endless.



Only a well organized tribe can plan successful attack on the forte, but only a well-prepared tribe can survive one. With trenches and teepees surrounding the forte, the defending tribe must keep their defences up at all times, but if one attacker slips into the first, then it will soon be over.



Travel to Thailand to a place where a river divides a valley. The villager’s huts are essential protection to remain safe from the cross-fire. Cross the bridge and get ready for the uphill battle.



In in a undisclosed location in the middle of the Vietnamese forest, troops will have to crawl and hide utilising their camouflage. The enemy is nearby, and any small sound can unleash a massive war.



Enter the mythical Saxon sanctuary where, your team is searching for an ancient well-kept secret. You will notice a giant sphere in a path of megalithic stones, and also a final beacon. Can your team face another, and still figure out the secret?



An entire labyrinth of trenches where surprise encounters between teams cause an intense game filled with adrenaline. A day of rain can cost you the game, so in a field, with little resources, use it to your advantage.



Enter an Indiana Jones adventure in search of treasures and secrets of the forest, whilst facing against rival teams. Struggle through the temple's stone complexes and sculptures to conquer the interior.



Our fastest game map, where obstacles make a distinct sound effect when paintballs are fired on the metal. This "rain" of paintballs within the small industrial complex makes this game one of the most exciting.



Witness the spirit of the second largest jungle in the world, where you can test your senses in a jungle setting with African pygmies and gorillas. The camouflaged shelter, and lake can be crucial bases in enemy hunting.



When challenge is what you’re after, the rugged terrain of this game map asks for agility and strategy at the highest level. Take a chance on this Kamikaze dive and surprise yourself with your achievements.



Experience true competitive paintball through speedball. Played on synthetic grass, the inflatable obstacles have various forms. Here we hold national paintball competitions year round.

Urban Game Map

Bush Game Map

Speedball Game Map

Low Difficulty

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High Difficulty

Capacity of 25 people

Capacity of 50 people

Capacity of 100 people